I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Nolan at FunkPd, focusing on enhancing their Instagram page to better reflect their innovative web development and SEO services.

FunkPd's branding colours

FunkPds Objective:

The goal was to revamp the Instagram presence, making it a true reflection of their cutting-edge web design and development expertise.


We implemented a strategy that involved a mix of engaging content, consistent branding, and targeted SEO techniques. The focus was on showcasing the projects, insights, and the team’s expertise in a visually appealing and informative manner.


Our execution involved curating a mix of posts, from showcasing recent web development projects to sharing insights on SEO trends. We ensured each post was visually consistent with the branding and included strategic hashtags for wider reach.


The collaboration led to a significant increase in engagement on FunkPd’s Instagram page. Their feed became a portfolio of their work, attracting new clients and positioning Nolan and his team as thought leaders in the web development and SEO arena.

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